In some ways it's not surprising that the ideas and concepts of thinkers eclipse the people themselves, but to overlook the very human grounding of these notions is to enshrine a vision of ideas as somehow supra-human.
Bob Diamond has been publically mauled again this week. I'm not for one moment suggesting that anyone should feel sorry for
Italy's political situation has been on the radar for quite some time now, and the recent announcement of Silvio Berlusconi's return to politics has not allowed the country to leave the spot light. On a recent trip back to my hometown, Milan, a couple of adverts by the clothing line Piazza Italia caught my eye.
I think it's important for us to know about something with such pervasive cultural power - something which effects how all of our identities are judged and positioned.
Britain's online defences will be bolstered with a new force of "cyber reservists" in the face of growing concerns over the
Power has neurological effects on the brain which can include a distortion of thinking, a degrading of morals and a blunting of empathy. Democracy and its artifacts were invented to counteract this neurological condition and a free press is one of the great inventions of democracy.
I had always defended the BDSM and kink communities against charges of unsound, destructive desire. Indeed, I'd already worked as a professional dominatrix - and one with stringent ethics.
Whatever you think of the current standoff between President Barack Obama and the Republican-led Congress over the budget, what you are witnessing is raw, messy democracy in action.
If this had been a workplace, she wouldn't have stood a chance - harassment, bullying, mental cruelty - any judge or tribunal would have nailed her. It was a ruthless public humiliation in front of strangers, a systematic dismantling of his qualities, personal, professional, looks, social, intellectual.
Petraeus's already considerable power expanded when he took over CIA. And power is drug with psycho-active properties, one of the strongest of which is as an increase in sexual appetite. As Henry Kissinger famously observed, "power is an aphrodisiac".