I used to drive a mini cab of a night for a living, assuming, of course, you can could it a living. Long nights and late
Whatever you may think of a film which insults the Prophet Mohammad, or Tom Holland's conjectures, they are to be countered by rational debate, not bigoted threats or actual violence.
Should you be looking for a window into the lopsided nature of the 'special relationship', you need look no further than the reverence with which political classes on either side of the Atlantic observe the others internal affairs.
First up I need to be clear. I am a tarot lover, I have been reading the cards since I was 13. At first for friends, but now I do so professionally. I love and praise the genuine guidance tarot can offer, they are like an objective best friend. From my perspective tarot can help you figure out what you already, deep down, know. A good genuine reading should compliment your intuition about your own life. A healthy reading does not offer answers or prediction so much as it offers clarity and perspective.
The fact is that it can be very tough to have very successful parents and Hans K Rausing's difficulty in finding a role for himself in life may have been a factor in his developing an addiction to drugs
If there was a way to cut the electricity you lose between generating power and using it -- from 65% to 3% -- you'd do it
Britain could one day be powered by volcanoes, if a new plan to tap the power of Iceland's geothermal energy gets off the
"The biggest challenge in sustainability is engaging people and delivering the necessary behavioural change. This is all
Rupert Murdoch decided to drop a book written by Lord Patten about his time as Hong Kong governor in case it risked his plans
More than two thirds of the public wants the coalition to claw back powers from Brussels, according to a poll. And a majority