Have you ever been bored rigid by a conference speaker? How can you avoid that fate if you have to give a talk? Here are the worst sins that speakers commit. Be sure to avoid them.
Paolo Friere, a twentieth century Brazilian educator and leader theorist of critical pedagogy is best known for his work
Understandably the deck -- which is characterised by a certain Silicon Valley-style view of the world -- has been torn apart
We're sure we can all agree that one of the most shocking aspects of the NSA Prism program has been its appalling PowerPoint
America has been rocked not only by the NSA's Prism program, but also by its appalling PowerPoint presentation. But a missing
It's a secretive body which appears to be able to tap directly into the servers of nine of the biggest internet companies
They say that fashion tends to repeat itself, that it is cyclical in nature. adidas revealed their latest and greatest football