Perhaps one day we’ll find a real crystal ball in the writing room of “The Simpsons”.
The British economy seems to be doing rather well at the moment. Employment, share prices, actual and predicted growth are
They may not be able to anticipate every macro-level geopolitical shift but when they happen they can explain how they will impact on organisations, and what can be done to mitigate and shape events at the micro-level. They can be relied upon to adapt to what comes and provide reassuring, steady and correct advice to allow you to navigate through the squalls and the storms. Happy New Year!
There will be no wall, at least not in the form of a 2000-mile-long Great Wall of Trump along the Mexico- US border as so many hopeful voters imagined. No, the best you're gonna get is an extension to the 670 miles of fencing already there, probably in the form of yet more fencing, which he'll still call a wall, regardless.
Jeremy Corbyn will still be leader of the Labour party and will be more popular (within his party) than ever. He'll try to move more mainstream and will do what he can to pull in moderate MPs to work with him, but his electorate will resist him and ultimately, he'll fail because it's not what his supporters want. While he gets safer...
As 2013 came to a close, who would have guessed that oil prices were heading towards $40 a barrel, sending oil-rich economies into chaos and driving investors out of emerging markets? What will the next year bring?
As an old year comes to a close we often start to look for trends and predictions of what the New Year holds for us in business and especially those in cybersecurity who are increasingly at the forefront of defending the enterprise from the continual threat and reality of cybercrime.
Looking back, 2014 was the year of digital maturity. It's hard to believe that Facebook was only created 11 years ago and Twitter nine years ago. They've become such huge parts of all our lives and have even entered the dictionary as verbs!
We've already made our 2014 tech predictions quite clear (they involve watches, and rabbits), but we were by no means the
Cybercrime today is not like the early days of virus writers and hackers who bragged about their exploits with friends. Today cybercrime is a serious business where actually most hackers do not want to be noticed as the longer they remain hidden in the network and are free to conduct their operations, the more information they can steal and the more money they can make.