pregnancy yoga

One of the biggest concerns for pregnant and post natal women is the pelvic floor - how they can help prepare for labour and how they strengthen after the birth. Yoga is a great way to prepare for all aspects of child birth and is relaxing and effective way to develop the pelvic floor.
Whilst we can't make any promises, many women say they feel more energised after a yoga session. The stretches and breathing exercises help release stress and tension and lift your spirits.
Yoga is also extremely helpful when you are feeling uncomfortable especially for many minor discomforts that are often dismissed as 'something to put up with'. If you can ease these with yoga poses it is worth giving a go!
As her big day draws near Kate will be feeling both excited and nervous as she prepares for the birth of the royal baby. It has been reported that Kate has been using yoga to help her through her pregnancy. The Duchess of Cambridge is one of a growing number of expectant mothers turning to yoga to help ease physical and emotional strain.
Natural birth isn't for everyone and the footage of ecstatic naked couples probably won't be embraced in Buck House, but if a woman aspires to this type of birth then she should be offered the means.
Hey yoga bunnies! Are you tired of doing the downward-facing dog in the same old gym? Well worry not, we've got just the
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