pregnant women

I found some employers acting like sexist dinosaurs, while other companies are much more enlightened when it comes to pregnancy in the workplace. I've changed the names of some of the women who spilled the beans to protect them from identification.
So you’re nearly at the end of your pregnancy, and you’ve suddenly developed a crazily itchy rash all over your tummy? Aaargh
Are you pregnant and feeling scared, confused, sick, elated, a bit rubbish, amazing, possibly all of these? When I was pregnant I veered from being a manic, over-organising machine ordering too much baby gear to curling up like a grannie on my sofa with a blanket on my knees sipping endless cups of green tea.
The question of whether to offer a pregnantwoman a seat on public transport or let's say, at the Houses of Parliament may
A pregnant Muslim woman who was attacked for wearing a veil on Thursday in the Paris suburb of Argenteuil suffered a miscarriage
Maternity discrimination is a growing problem in the workplace, with employers' attitudes "hardening" against pregnant women