I often face the problem of hearing something I don't agree with and wanting to confront it but knowing the response will invariably be 'it's just banter', or someone condescendingly explaining I've taken it the wrong way.
Black and minority ethnic gay people, in particular, face problems beyond straightforward homophobia, because too often our public services seem only to be able to deal with one minority at a time.
One of Britain’s biggest exam boards has been criticised for asking GCSE pupils to "Explain briefly why some people are prejudiced
It can be tempting to celebrate when a bigoted advertising campaign is banned or pulled, but censorship is rarely an effective tool to fight prejudice.
Hate crimes are crimes against all of us, as we could be victim. Hate is blind and we don't have the luxury of thinking that it doesn't affect us.
A commonly used beta-blocker drug used to treat heart disease could affect a person’s subconscious attitude towards race
Discovering another culture is more than eating the food and watching the films. It's observing, analyzing, questioning and
I am an Indian living in Britain. I hate shaving. Having never been a creature of habit, I detest the sheer routine of tepid water and lacerated skin. This persistent sanding down of pebbledash on my face; what for? I am content with a bit of beard. Leave me be.
In the aftermath of the riots, we are now trying to figure out what caused them. 'Figure out' in this case means finding someone or something to blame.
Only indifference will overcome prejudice. Beautiful indifference. And thankfully in Britain these days it's on the increase.