premature birth

Numerous videos of a pair of premature twins who can't stop holding hands are melting hearts all over the internet. Mum Anthea
A mother has shared her grief following the "horrific" moment her premature baby was stillborn in the back of a taxi. Nadia
Doctors described her as a "miracle" when she was born four months premature and now Alana Elliot has a baby of her own. Elliot
A pregnant woman with breast cancer will be giving birth 12 weeks early so she can undergo potentially lifesaving chemotherapy
A mum who went into labour on a transatlantic flight, four months before her due date, has named her daughter after the country
Neonatal units aren't meeting the standards required of them. That is the underlying message of the new report from Bliss, the UK charity for sick and premature babies. The findings aren't unexpected. But they're still shocking.
The mother from the viral 'bun in the oven' pregnancy announcement has broken her silence to give an update on the status
The dad from the viral pregnancy announcement who had been trying for a baby for 17 years has revealed his wife is in "critical
A mum who began a petition campaigning for parents of premature babies to have extended maternity leave is nearing her 10,000
Along with a hole in her heart, several brain bleeds and various other complications, Susan was born with a blockage in her