Just think of the positive impact an out gay man in the Premier League could have, not just in helping young football supporters struggling with their own sexuality, but in gaining LGBT allies among straight fans. Let's hope that Gazidis will be proven correct in his prediction sooner rather than later, and that we won't have to wait five whole years.
So it was, on a sunny Saturday in Brighton, that Watford clinched promotion back to the 'Promised Land'. With late Rotherham
If Wenger won't spend the money on a player like Suarez who is arguably the best attacker in the world right now; how can we trust him to buy any players for next season? I doubt he will. In fact i'm certain he won't. He will point to this FA Cup victory and use that as another shield not to spend any money citing the players we have now are good enough.
Tottenham have confirmed that their game against Crystal Palace will go ahead on Saturday despite a clash with a planned
In an unlikely show of solidarity, Newcastle United and Sunderland football clubs have vowed to ignore Northumbria Police
Football is simple to learn, inexpensive to play, and loved across so many borders. As such, it can teach its fans (and its players) the values of mutual respect and tolerance. When your young heroes are so diverse, it is bound to stutter racism.
It would be foolish of me to try and predict the final top six with so long left in the season, but so far it seems that we are in for one of the most open and competitive Premier League seasons for years.
The 2013/2014 football season is still in its infancy, but already things are shaping up as we might expect; Highgate's finest
It was late October in 1863 when Ebenezer Cobb Morley and his contemporaries gathered together in London's Freemason's Tavern, near to where Holborn tube station is today, to establish a code of rules for the regulation of football. Fast forward to today and the modern game is unrecognisable from those humble beginnings. Its global audience has never been bigger with interest in the English game growing year-on-year. With this comes huge expectation, from fans, players, managers and the media...
This is not a one-year or two-year project at QPR. This is a lifelong commitment. We need a new training ground, a new stadium and a more successful academy. The path in front of us is exciting. With a little bit of luck along the way, I am confident we can fulfil the dreams of the R's supporters over the coming weeks, months and years.