prescription drugs

Children's games that encourage kids to use drugs for every minor or temporary complaint are not harmless fun. They are insidious in that their influence is creeping, hidden and wrapped in cute and cuddly packaging. They pave the way for a tacit acceptance of prescribed and even non-prescribed uppers, downers, relaxants and stimulants.
Students have been warned against taking a so-called "smart drug" to help them stay awake. There is rising concern that young
Households all over the world are looking for as many ways as possible to save a little extra cash. We're told every five
A "helpful" new drug which could help problem drinkers reduce the amount of alcohol they consume will today become available
Prescription charges in England will rise 20p to £7.85 from April 1 under changes announced by ministers. Health Minister
Grapefruit poses a potentially lethal health risk to increasing numbers of patients taking prescription drugs, experts have
So you've got a headache and you want to be rid of it. It's simple, right? You take a tablet. Or is it? As the Global Year
Drugs and experimentation: neither are new in the art world. But one artist could be seen to be more dedicated to the cause
Anyone reading the papers this week might have come away with the impression that all over 50s should be hot-footing it down to their local pharmacy and demanding a polypill. So why, you might be wondering, are we not adopting this 'one size fits all' approach straight away?
It's a well-known fact we just keep accumulating more "stuff". Or is it? It seems that material consumption in the UK might