President Assad

Syria's quite a large country; how are we going to sustain a campaign fighting on several fronts? If we are going up against the Syrian government AND Islamic State we would need quite a lot of soldiers on the ground...
The Assad regime supports IS, and is also responsible for the murder of thousands of civilians. Is it churlish to point out that it has also avoided punishment for chemical weapons attacks and other savageries and actions of calculated callousness?
Some 150 tonnes of industrial-grade chemicals are to be shipped from war-torn Syria to a British port to be destroyed, it
The US is weighing up its military options in Syria in the aftermath of a deadly chemical weapons strike, with American naval
Syrian rebels say they have attacked President Bashar al-Assad's motorcade - but the state broadcaster later claimed to show
The government has said people should not worry that weapons delivered to the Syrian rebels would fall into the hands of
William Hague has issued a thinly veiled warning to Western leaders, as well as Tory MPs, that they must consider the mistakes
MPs are hoping to force the government to allow parliament to block any decision to arm the Syrian rebels, amid concerns
John Bercow has told David Cameron that it would be "undemocratic" to arm the Syrian rebels without giving parliament a vote
Downing Street has said "nothing is off the table" including arming the rebels or imposing a no-fly zone when it comes to