President Assad

With Syria's cash reserves dwindling and its armed forces ceding more and more territory to the rebels, nothing could be more certain today than the inevitable downfall of Assad. However cathartic that moment may be, it is unfortunately unlikely to mark the end of the Syrian civil war.
David Cameron, speaking in Brussels Cameron said in his speech on Friday: "I want a very clear message to go out to President
Syrian rebels could be armed by the UK in a fresh push to oust President Bashar Assad and end the bloodshed after David Cameron
Britain is to give an extra £5m to Syrian rebels fighting Bashar al-Assad's regime, helping to fund additional communications
David Cameron and Vladimir Putin will hold talks on the Syrian civil war in London on Thursday - with the Russian President
President Bashar al-Assad has begun moving chemical weapons to airports in case of "external aggression", according to the
Former US presidential candidate John McCain has said the West must intervene to stop the bloodshed in Syria. Senator McCain
The UN security council is holding an emergency meeting on Sunday evening to discuss the massacre in Houla, Syria according
At least 92 civilians have been killed in Syria as violence returned to the restive country, the United Nations has confirmed
Athletes from war-torn Syria should not be punished by being excluded from the London 2012 games, David Cameron said today