President Assad

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has visited the former rebel stronghold of Homs, the scene of fierce fighting with government
Syrian troops have reportedly crossed into Lebanon in armoured cars to battle armed opposition fighters with rocket-propelled
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was sent a cartoon of a camel dressed in bondage gear, reports on a cache of 3,000 leaked
A war photographer injured in Syria told protesters outside the country's embassy in London on Saturday that he was sorry
Twin bombings have struck intelligence and security buildings in the Syrian capital Damascus, killing at least 27 people
A London doctor advised the Syrian regime on how to suppress images of children being tortured by soldiers, leaked emails
I am broken because I am outside watching my family, my friends and my city Homs be ripped apart through shelling, theft of homes, rape and murder. In the last two weeks I have had many from my small village executed or arrested. Some tortured in wedding halls while others were blown up once gathered in a home.
Campaigners from around the world are urging Russia to back the UN Security Council and help bring an end to the crisis in
In January 2011 Rami Jarrah, 28, was living in Damascus with his wife and young daughter, working a good job in the import
The Assad regime, with its allies, has managed to prevent any sort of solution to the crisis or protection of Syrian nationals. Assad has sent a very clear message to his people: either I rule Syria or I burn Syria, you choose.