President Assad

Syrians didn't expect to be let down by the same humanity who didn't abandon their Tunisian, Egyptian and Libyan brothers. Dear so-called humanity, what makes Syrians unworthy of receiving your real support of our aspirations to live in freedom and dignity?
I was detained last Friday after security forces carried out random arrests. During my detention what struck me the most is that the security forces accused me of being in an "illegal protest." Any reforms made by a regime that shells its own people with tanks and mortars is worthless.
Syrians in the devastated city of Homs have described the harrowing moment that government forces rounded up whole families
UPDATE: Harrowing personal testimony about the alleged massacre has now emerged. The accounts are now included here. The
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has suffered his most high-profile defection, with deputy oil minister Abdo Hussameddin
The Red Cross is to be allowed access to the Baba Amr region of Homs, after President Assad's regime indicated they would
The Syrian Army has launched a fresh assault on the rebel stronghold of Homs, where 95 people are said to have been killed
Britain's ambassador to Syria has been recalled to London to give ministers an on-the-ground of assessment of the spiraling
Syria's army has staged a series of high-level war games, including test-firing missiles and running battle simulations, as
Russia has said the crisis in Syria resembles "a civil war". President Bashar al-Assad's government forces are engaged in