president bashar al-assad

Syrian government forces have used chemical weapons against rebel fighters, the Israeli military's top intelligence analyst
Human rights campaigners have warned that Syrian opposition fighters are conducting summary killings, using child soldiers
The head of Syria's military police has defected and reportedly fled to Turkey. Lt Gen Abulaziz al-Shalal announced his decision
The rebels' ability to strike at the heart of the Syrian regime's feared security apparatus, to battle its troops in Damascus and take control of border crossings, in a coordinated, well-planned and executed campaign, shows that Assad is doomed.
UN officials observing a fragile ceasefire in Syria reportedly came under fire on Tuesday in the northern region of Idlib
Syria is not complying with a crucial ceasefire plan, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has admitted. The peace plan, coordinated
Alleged video footage of a Syrian activist being buried alive for supplying video clips to newspapers has surfaced online
Security forces in the Syrian city of Hama dragged an old woman into the street, hit her and shot her dead with two of her
UN observers were surrounded by protesters who were subsequently fired on by government troops during their mission to monitor
An uneasy ceasefire in Syria was reportedly in place on Thursday morning after a week of intense violence in which hundreds