President of the United States

"We see it on Fox News, we see it on the internet, but we also see it from our commander in chief," says Beto O’Rourke
The US President called for the star to be released.
The US president appeared to bask in the moment after criticising Ilhan Omar and three other Democrat congresswomen.
Outgoing PM takes aim at US president after he told congresswomen to "go back" to the "crime infested places from which they came".
The five things you need to know about politics today
Labour leader calls on the US president to "think on" as he addresses protest rally in central London.
The 20ft effigy is expected to appear above Parliament Square on Tuesday - the second day of the US president's London visit.
The snarling, nappy-wearing orange baby Trump blimp might make a return as protesters in London prepare for the US president’s state visit in June. The blimp first greeted Trump when he visited Britain in 2018. The team behind it say they are raising funds via crowdfunding, so the six-metre tall balloon can fly again.
The US president said he is "very strongly pro-life" except in cases of rape, incest, and "serious health risk" to the mother.
Is it simply a case of one powerful friend helping another?
Labour leader turns down Queen's invite and attacks 'misogynist' US president.
Trying to fire Mueller despite the clear downside shows the president can’t rationally process risk, a new study states.
Former VP becomes 20th Democratic candidate to join the race to take on Donald Trump.
The President insisted the deeply unflattering picture painted of him in the report is "total bullshit."
The US Attorney probe into the president's inaugural committee, explained for Brits.
The winners are a group of people who have been killed or imprisoned from a profession the US President has spent much of his time calling the ‘enemy of the people’
'The President’s comments read like a cat walking across a keyboard.'