Presidential race

This was a heist; but it's not just NDZ who was robbed –– it's the people of South Africa who were robbed of her, and that is a travesty.
Please don't let us down by aiding and abetting grand-scale theft by your business friends refusing to change the economy.
The real loser is not Dlamini-Zuma, though. The ANCWL and women, in general, are the real losers.
"We need dynamic policy resolutions to appropriately and sustainably use the country’s resources for the benefit of the people."
"The list of presidential candidates from which delegates have to choose is not very inspiring and the two leading candidates are less than ideal."
The magnitude of the issues that the movement faces at this conference makes it make-or-break in many ways.
BLSA urges you to look to your organisation’s past in order to guide the future.
With Ramaphosa making his running mate known, it would be interesting to see who NDZ and Mkhize will choose
Campaigning in Limpopo, NDZ emphasised radical economic transformation and land redistribution.
The presidential hopeful says there has to be unity in the ANC.