Strategy obliges teachers to refer pupils to police if they fear radicalisation.
The Government's anti-radicalisation strategy has been rejected outright by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) over concerns
A schoolboy was questioned by police under the government's anti-terror laws after he wore a "free Palestine" badge into
The NUS, and all those involved in the student movement, should categorically refuse to be drawn into the government's attempt to define the limits of "respectability" in the Muslim community and our movement as a whole. These games are aimed at blunting opposition to Islamophobia and curtailing our civil liberties more widely. If we stand by and let Cage get victimised, we will all ultimately suffer.
'Non-whites don't wipe their bums'; refugees are a 'bunch of migrants', 'don't sit next to muslims with a bag'. Not anonymous below the line comments in a tabloid newspaper. These are views expressed to me recently in situations as diverse as a community workshop, the House of Commons or from fellow commuters. This is why Prevent is a missed opportunity. Britain requires a conversation, not an exercise in finger pointing. We need to both address common fears of 'the other', and promote the best of our abilities to work together.
Speaking to The Guardian's Owen Jones last week, journalist Peter Oborne described how a "soft apartheid towards Muslims
For me the debate about whether the statue of Cecil Rhodes at Oriel College, Oxford should be removed encapsulates the crux of the debate and whilst many recognise that there are things to be commended in the arguments made on both sides I find myself agreeing with both sides, at the same time.
The National Union of Students (NUS) has tried to rubbish a Daily Mail story that claims Jihadi John sympathisers are speaking
A university student has been grilled by counter-terrorism police after he accessed Islamic State propaganda online as part
On home turf, with Islamophobia and myths being peddled about the religion and those who follow it, as well as the further racialisation of Muslims, critical thought and engagement is of the essence. Let's create a climate where that is genuinely possible, because 'we're all in this together' - right?