price fixing

28 media houses have been referred to the Competition Tribunal after an investigation into price-fixing.
The Competition Tribunal says more banks have been added in its investigation into forex price fixing.
17 banks were named in the allegations of price-fixing which the Competition Tribunal is now investigating.
The league says all government finances should be handled through a state bank.
Nafcoc says it shows the need for a black-owned bank.
Three of the country's biggest banks implicated.
Oil companies BP and Shell are being investigated over allegations of price-fixing, distortions that could have harmed ordinary
Oil company BP is being investigated over allegations of price-fixing, it emerged on Tuesday night. The European Commission
Now is not a good time to run a price reporting agency. Following allegations of market manipulation in November, a seismic event last week saw a triumvirate of broking firms seek to wrest control of the setting of gas prices, with the launch of their own benchmark, dubbed the Tankard Index.
The City watchdog is today investigating claims that power companies are manipulating wholesale gas prices. The Financial