Pride 2018

'Improving access to donor sperm, eggs and surrogacy will help more LGBTQ couples build their families.'
No, they’re not 'just bisexual' or 'going through a phase'.
Rapinoe, a forward for the U.S. women’s national team, and Bird, a point guard for the Seattle Storm, made their relationship public last year.
This year marked a change in New York’s parade route, with the city prepping for the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising in 2019.
There are many parents who stand by their LGBTQ children, no matter what.
Experts share how you can really show up for someone.
A powerful reminder that love defines families.
June marks the beginning of LGBT+ Pride month, but true love is something worth celebrating all year round.
When photographer Jennifer Loeber began documenting Lorelei Erisis’ transition, she didn’t expect her journey to look so familiar.
LGBTQ people have been living visibly, openly and authentically for years.
'Onstage, I felt like I was just playing a character, but offstage, unfortunately, I didn’t get to have my real life.'
Dan Reynolds tells Ellen DeGeneres the experience helped him “identify, to some degree,” with queer youth.
Omar’s fears are rooted in the fact that homosexuality is a criminal offence in Morocco, as it is in many other African countries.
Following the news could provoke anxiety in anybody, but for the LGBTQ community, keeping up-to-date can be particularly distressing these days.
For his new exhibition, artist Jonathan Lyndon Chase uses bedsheets to relay an “ever-changing and evolving” message about race, gender and sexuality.
It can be easy to get lost in other people’s viewpoints ― particularly when they’re negative.
From Albania to India, these photos show that Pride celebrations are truly global.