Prime Minister David Cameron

That was the mood at the Refugee March where Corbyn spoke as well as I was strolling around with my camera noticing a sense of unity and hope for real positive change amongst everyone. From people welcoming refugees, to folks providing papers declaring it was the people's victory to the individuals attentively listening to a rarity.
I'm pretty sure that a piece of parchment in the HOC library wasn't much of a deterrent anyway. Please learn the difference between your human rights, and the Human Rights Act. Or I will take them from you. Kidding.
It’s been four months since Prime Minister David Cameron’s new majority government came into power and there are just three
A new book chronicling 10 Downing Street under David Cameron's leadership alleges that the PM sent an explicit text message
It was a remarkably brave move for the leader of North Somerset’s Conservative council. When Cllr Nigel Ashton was first
David Cameron has been caught pretending to be a normal person again. This time, a teenager managed to secretly snap a selfie
These latest figures only serve to reinforce the need for a radical rethink about our second chamber, which is getting bigger and more expensive by the day. Surely it can't be  right that when politicians are talking about reducing the cost of politics, they're set to stuff the upper chamber with yet more party appointees?
A letter written by a junior doctor to David Cameron has been shared over 150,000 times on Facebook after she was refused
You were lucky enough to have many things handed to you on a plate David. You do not know the struggle of trying to find where you fit in or feeling like a misfit in a society where you 'should' know where you want to be in 5 years time. Please think about the choices you are making.
Cameron once again proved he doesn't quite understand internet lingo: Harman made a bit of a grim personal attack on David