Prime Minister David Cameron

In the last thrashes of Gordon Brown's Labour government, the Prime Minister and the consecutive Home Secretaries of Alan Johnson & Jacqui Smith once more took political umbrage with cannabis.
David Cameron boasted to Barack Obama in a transatlantic phone call that England was "number one" at cricket, he has revealed
One there was 'Watergate'; now every minor, irritating little faux scandal as the mocniker 'gate' attached to it. The latest being 'Tipgate', an August silly season story that has found the Prime Minister, David Cameron failing to pay a tip in an Italian restaurant.
The phone hacking scandal was entirely blown out of proportion. The desperation of the Labour party and others to associate it directly towards the Prime Minister failed to register deep resentment with the public. Never have I witnessed so much mass hysteria and levels of insanity in my life.
In late May, The City broke with some 350 years of protocol and announced the establishment of the Green Investment Bank