Prime Minister David Cameron

David Cameron has made treaty change the totemic issue in his quest to renegotiate the UK's relationship with the European Union: he believes that he must have it to convince his party that the EU has been reformed. But he is engaged in two negotiations - one with his own party and eurosceptic press, and the other with the rest of the EU.
Whilst in the south of France this week I have been reading French and German perspectives regarding the forthcoming EU referendum in the United Kingdom.
Most childcare professionals support the plans to increased early education for all three and four year olds. They know it will do a lot to help families manage the cost of childcare. So we want to work with government to make sure that significant new investment delivers high quality places for our young children.
Dear Mr Cameron... I write firstly to congratulate you on your election victory which in my opinion was won on the back of the very excellent job that you and George Osborne did in repairing our shattered economy.
Politics of fear and hate cannot survive long in the hearts of those who have love and hope. Do not let this election divide and conquer. Unite and survive.
We were told to expect the tightest election of a generation and it didn't arrive. The Tories won relatively comfortably against all the predictions and polls, Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls lost his seat to the Conservatives, and Labour won less seats than Gordon Brown in 2010.
Despite still appearing on the list of the worlds top ten wealthiest countries, the UK is punching well below its weight where it really matters.
This is the first General Election campaign I have lived through where I am at a loss who to vote for.
n the Joel Schumacher classic, Falling Down, William Foster, played by Michael Douglas, passes a man protesting the fact he has been categorised as "not economically viable". Swathes of British society have been categorised in this way by the Conservatives and they are slowly being ground into the dirt. And now they might end up in court faced with the prospect of a crippling bill for simply exercising their ancient right to plead innocent.
A major part of the Conservative's election campaign has been to question whether Ed Miliband is up to the job. But what about David Cameron?