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A rift has developed between the government and police, with Acting Metropolitan Police Commissioner Tim Godwin reproving
The direct and indirect consequences of drugs policy are often overlooked, and it's at the cost of a healthy community. The drug war has served as a whipping horse for politics and an evidence based strategy has been discarded.
40 years old, and some argue the Misuse of Drugs Act is ready for retirement. Others reason that it is a good act but just needs the correct application. Whatever the consensus, the hangover will rage for a little while longer.
Like most members of the British public I have a strong conviction that with power and influence must come accountability
Travelling to communist Russia inspired David Cameron to become involved in politics, the prime minister has revealed. In
David Cameron has made an emergency statement to parliament over the phone hacking scandal. Below is the full text of his
PRESS ASSOCIATION - David Cameron has said he is "extremely sorry" for the furore his appointment of Andy Coulson as his
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Prime Minister David Cameron will fly home early from Africa to concentrate on the escalating crisis
If a system of government statutory regulation would not work for the press then what would? Self-regulation has to remain. The best option may be not allowing members of the PCC to be those that work for newspapers