prime minister's questions

Labour today accused David Cameron of "knowingly misleading the public" after the Prime Minister went on the attack in the
The veteran Tory backbench MP who was told to "get a sense of humour" by David Cameron on Wednesday has said the impact of
MPs returned to the House of Commons refreshed from their holidays, to judge from the display at this afternoon's Prime Minister's
David Cameron is in the United States visiting Barack Obama today, so his place at Prime Minister's Questions will be taken
David Cameron defended Sarah Teather on Wednesday after the Liberal Democrat minister failed to turn up to vote with the
Where's the best place to see a dinosaur? Well, according to David Cameron, in parliament at about 12:30 on a Wednesday. After
David Cameron and Ed Miliband faced off for the first PMQs of 2012 on Wednesday, sparking a war of words between Labour and
Ed Miliband's joke-writer-in-chief and spokesperson has left her job, as the Labour leader faces questions over his performance
Ed Miliband faces discontent among party loyalists, activists and even Labour MPs following a disastrous performance at the
What is it with John Prescott and starting twitter trends? His hashtag #fivewordsforcameron is trending worldwide following