Prince Charming

Mulan and Shang and are still as sassy and competitive as ever. "I could imagine them being really competitive at this age
The best Disney depictions of human nature lately, I think, are the ones that show what makes women really really angry. And what do you think that is? It's not being bumped into second place in the 'who is the fairest of them all' stakes. It's being deceived into thinking that the man of your dreams is in love with you for ever and ever...
When we were little girls we listened to fairy tales like Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty. As we grew up, we watched movies like Pretty Woman. All contribute to fairy-tale brainwash, the belief that the right man or woman will just show up in our life at the right place and right time, without us having to do anything to make it happen.
Would it be an overstatement if it were said that every young woman has an image of what the 'man of her dreams' looks like? I did... Let's face it - we have all opted at one time or another for what the eye sees as opposed to what the heart feels, hears and sees.
The newly premiered American fantasy drama Once Upon a Time is only seven episodes in on ABC, yet it is already a huge hit with viewers and critics. But, assuming that a UK channel with pick it up, would a British audience enjoy the shiny, Disneyfied family fairytale?