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If reports are true, William and Kate are going down the route of loyal friends as godparents, not picking useful connections or older family influencers. This couple is surely not by-the-royal-book. And the next generation of mums is watching.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have attended an awards ceremony recognising outstanding conservationists at the start
y having a Head of State picked for no other reason than which womb they came from, we undermine every call for talent, entrepreneurship, and aspiration in this country. By denying any member of this nation the right to go for the top job, we create second-class citizens by default.
Maybe it's marriage, maybe it's fatherhood, but it seems that Prince William's long-standing loathing for the media is beginning to mellow. When he came out of St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, with Kate and the new baby, William was positively oozing charm to the baying press mob.
Raising a boy has its own particular joys and challenges. Duchess Kate and Prince William have some experience looking after younger brothers James and Prince Harry, but being a parent is entirely new. Here are some of the things that new parents of sons have to look forward to.
William - looking happy and relaxed as he and Kate brought the new babe out to the waiting world - revealed that he personally had already changed the nappies of Britain's newest royal. It's the clearest sign yet that William is planning on being a quite different kind of Royal dad to any that we have ever seen before.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have spent their first night at home with their new son. After one night in hospital, William
UPDATE: Toot Toot! Baby Cambridge Is On The Road As Proud Papa Drives Him To Kate's Family Home (PICTURES) The Royal baby
Doting grandmother Carole Middleton has described her grandson, the future king, as "absolutely beautiful" after visiting
Unlike most of the babies born on 22 July 2013, the Prince of Cambridge has been born with a silver spoon in his mouth and with a barrage of cameras in his face. His arrival will be heralded with gun salutes from the Tower of London.