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Prince William and Kate Middleton's rumoured due date, July 13, is fast approaching. Being a first-time parent is difficult for everyone, but with all their royal responsibilities, they'll likely need some extra help...
There are a lot of people betting a lot of money on the name of the future Royal Baby - and after considerable research, I have worked out how to beat the bookies. No, not just beat them. Absolutely cane them. We hope.
Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, braved severe weather to visit a Scout camp in the Lake District, where she will use her
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Since Kate Middleton announced she was pregnant back in November last year, she appears to have adopted a 'pregnancy pose
The Duchess of Cambridge's controversial uncle, Gary Goldsmith, spoken about his famous niece and of how different she is
The Duchess of Cambridge told a soldier that she would like her baby to be a boy when she attended a St Patrick's Day parade
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge braved showers to attend a St Patrick's Day parade at a military barracks today. Wearing
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge headed to the races on Friday for the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Kate, who is five months pregnant
A South African geneticist has come up with images of what the Duke and Duchess’s unborn baby could look like both as a toddler