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Imagining the Royals as they were in Tudor times has brought Hilary Mantel unprecedented literary success. Now, this year's
She told the paper: “I wasn’t into the whole ‘I am Kate Middleton’s cousin’ thing, but the media picked it up and just went
The Duchess of Cambridge is holidaying on the Caribbean island of Mustique with her husband and family. Kate is staying at
Royal baby talk is going to dominate 2013, so ahead of Kate Middleton's big year we've decided to see how well you actually
The Duchess of Cambridge after viewing a new portrait by Paul Emsley of herself at the National Portrait Gallery in central
It is, in case you hadn't noticed/are a republican, the 31st birthday today of The Artist Formerly Known As Kate Middleton
So where our Royal Family is concerned, let's make 2013 not a year of scandal, but a year of celebration. Let us give them privacy and eagerly await and then celebrate the arrival of a young Prince or Princess.
What sums up 2012 for you? Was it the London Olympics? Prince William's jubilant smile on his impending fatherhood? Or the
After a fairytale royal wedding in 2011 and this year's heartwarming news that Kate and Wills' are expecting a future heir