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Raising a boy has its own particular joys and challenges. Duchess Kate and Prince William have some experience looking after younger brothers James and Prince Harry, but being a parent is entirely new. Here are some of the things that new parents of sons have to look forward to.
Kate Middleton's outfit for the service celebrating the Queen's coronation owed as much to her sense of fashion as a desire
A heavily pregnant Kate Middleton has arrived at Westminster Abbey with Prince William for a service celebrating the 60th
Pippa Middleton has set up her own company, it emerged on Friday. Though the nature of the company is unknown, it could signify
A pair of penguins named after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first chicks. The Gentoo birds, who
One of the most closely-guarded secrets in public life might have been broken - the due date of Kate Middleton. The Mail
Feverish speculation as to what the royal progeny to emerge from the Duchess of Cambridge’s womb abounds. So far we’ve seen
It may be her second wedding anniversary, but the Duchess of Cambridge was out and about today making the rounds at a children’s
The Duchess of Cambridge has been pictured carrying a white Moses basket during a shopping trip with her mother, Carole Middleton
The best pictures of the week are chosen by YOU voting on our interactive slideshow. Monday's World Earth Day reminded us
The future King of England looked like he wanted to be a little boy again during a visit to the Warner Bros studios in Leavesden
The Duchess of Cambridge looked as fresh as a daisy on Friday as she arrived at Warner Bros studios in Hertforshire, along
A French photographer has been placed under formal criminal investigation and could face a year in prison following the publication
UPDATE: Coral has now suspended betting on the name of the Royal baby altogether. On Wednesday a spokesman told the Huffington
The Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Glasgow wearing a tartan coat to tour one of the venues for events at the 2014 Commonwealth
The principal of St Andrews university in Scotland has been condemned for being "out of touch" after claiming the £9,000
The Duchess of Cambridge told a soldier that she would like her baby to be a boy when she attended a St Patrick's Day parade
A South African geneticist has come up with images of what the Duke and Duchess’s unborn baby could look like both as a toddler