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This normalisation of corruption and public-service failure means that media coverage doesn’t result in actual accountability.
Newspaper astrology dates back to the 17th century with William Lilly deemed the first in this field.  However, R.H. Naylor
According to Fox, it will be targeting "women and men". Teased by John Humphrys about this, he said his words were deliberately chosen to indicate an emphasis on targeting female readers. There's another paper already doing that. It's called the Daily Mail. It doesn't believe in a good news agenda. It loves being bitchy. It's also doing rather well. Let battle commence.
Increasingly, I link from Twitter and now Facebook as much as I go to news brands' own sites. The enmeshing of 'Old' and 'New' moves the speed versus veracity debate on to a more realistic debate of authenticity and engagement on consumers' terms.
As journalists are finding, fewer and fewer people interested anymore in real journalism. Nowadays, it's damn near impossible to get hits on a print article from the millennial generation unless you call it something along the lines of "12 Schools in the Gaza Strip that Needed a Makeover Anyway."
The world has changed, didn't you get the memo? We have become digitised, and we live in a world now defined by IP address statistics and pictures of what you had for breakfast. Social media in its current form has changed the way we live our lives, and perhaps we are so far down the rabbit hole it is too late to turn back.
The debate around the fall of the print media industry has been raging for some time now. TV and radio threw the first punches and the internet went for the knockout blow. Closings and layoffs are now a regular occurrence and it is generally accepted that the news business has struggled to capitalise on the rise of digital.
There are still hundreds of thousands of consumers reading magazines and newspaper, and I for one am not ready to discount the power of print media just yet.
A friend emailed me this week asking for contributions to his blog - one of the questions was - Is print media dead?