Edward Snowden, a former technical worker at the CIA who sensationally revealed himself as the whistleblower behind leaks
American intelligence officials were overheard discussing how the key players in the US data-gathering scandal could be "disappeared
David Cameron has said British intelligence agencies operate "within a legal framework", as MPs prepare to grill William
GCHQ has not been using a controversial US internet monitoring programme to dodge tough legal checks on their activities
Google has denied reports that it allowed the US government access to its servers, saying it had not heard of "a programme
Former shadow home secretary David Davis has suggested that top ministers such as William Hague and Theresa May would have
GCHQ, the government’s secretive eavesdropping agency, is to release information to parliament detailing of the extent of
Britain's electronic eavesdropping agency GCHQ has been covertly gathering information from leading internet companies through
It's a secretive body which appears to be able to tap directly into the servers of nine of the biggest internet companies
UK Gathered Secret Intelligence From America's Secret 'Prism' Operation