prison escape

The Judicial Inspectorate for Correctional Services is concerned that the poor state of prisons is endangering the lives of the public.
Five of the six men who escaped from Pollsmoor on Sunday night have been arrested.
Prison officials thought it was another escape attempt but the convicted rapist and murderer really was terminally ill.
The inmates escape tools are thought to have been obtained inside the prison, authorities have said. Governor Andrew Cuomo
A convicted murderer has gone on the run from prison for the third time. Arnold Pickering, 44, from Chadderton, Greater Manchester
Gripped tightly on the arms by police, the Skull Cracker has appeared in court accused of carrying out an armed robbery during
Police are hunting a convicted murderer who has absconded from an open prison. Craig Black, who was jailed for life in 1995
The number of prisoner escapes has increased as staffing numbers are cut, MPs have warned. Assaults on staff, suicides and
Donning a slinky lilac dress, a flowing black wig and white bra, drug trafficker Ronaldo Silva managed to slip past prison