prisoner votes

The Government's most senior law officer has urged the UK's highest court to reject challenges by two convicted murderers
There's a perceptible preference in British public attitudes for a return of sovereignty on questions of human rights, and a significant consensus that believes the European Court of Human Rights does less to protect Britain's interests and more to protect its criminals.
We cannot pick and choose which parts of the European Convention on Human Rights we abide by while at the same time shouting and lecturing at the poor record of other countries, such as Russia for example.
The European Court of Human Rights should respect Britain's "sensible and proportionate" ban on prisoners voting, Labour
Parliament will be given another say on whether to give prisoners the vote as the deadline for Britain to comply with a European
The debate over whether or not prisoners should get the vote has hit the headlines, amid a political row over the topic. While
Someone had cranked up the air-con up to full blast in the Commons, but it seems it was too late - the heat and humidity
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Defying European judges over giving the vote to prisoners may look "macho" but would weaken the United