privacy law

One such side-effect of the sickness of sharing and the ease with which the infection can be passed on is the resurrection online of the spirit of a TV show you never thought you'd see in the UK again. Smile, everybody, you're on Candid Camera, whether you like it or not - and you may never even find out.
A small child whose father is alleged to be a philandering politician has won £15,000 privacy damages at the High Court. The
MPs and Lords have weighed in on the controversial debate of whether England and Wales need new privacy laws - and conclude
The number of celebrities hiding behind super-injunctions has fallen dramatically, Britain's top newspaper editors have confirmed
I sometimes describe the UK constitution as being similar to the game rock, paper, scissors. There are three main parts to the constitution; parliament, the government and the courts. However, unlike rock, paper, scissors parliament controls both government and the courts and the courts also control the government.