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Investors currently face a number of uncertainties when financing organisations and initiatives in Southern Africa.
As we count down the days to Christmas and the New Year, many people start preparing their New Year's resolutions. It's in
This weekend saw The Observer put the spotlight on the role of private equity firms in funding organisations that deliver
The success of Germany has been founded on a willingness across the board to look long-term and to seek commitment to shared goals. The country's experience shows that such an attitude can help tackle the most serious of difficulties.
What is particularly striking in our current predicament is that there is so little debate about the growing role of plutocracy and how to curb its excesses. The Oxford English Dictionary defines plutocracy as government by the wealthy, a ruling class of wealthy people.
Whilst there is, of course, no way to guarantee SME success, with the right investor, a niche of your own and real desire to integrate with the sector you serve, your chances will undoubtedly increase.
Around 400 jobs are at risk at bed retailer Dreams after its new owner - courtesy of a pre-pack administration announcement
The high street is in a crisis. Already this year, 15,000 jobs in the retail sector have been axed, or are under threat. In
Any deal is crucial not just for the US but also the global economy. Even a short period when Washington could not pay its bills would have a devastating impact on global confidence.
Starting your own business isn't easy. Even with all the funding in the world, unless you have the right combination of an outstanding idea, a large and consistent addressable market, and the rare ability to persevere even when those around you are telling you 'no' - you will not succeed.