Private investigator

So, if I may, a small suggesting for our current Prime Minister. Call Amber Rudd into your office for a cosy chat and let's get this thing sorted once and for all. The industry has provided you with all the information you need and we have even supplied you with a workable solution.
In a move that sounds like something out of a 'Black Mirror' episode, a man turned to Reddit to live blog his suspicions
At the end of July last year Theresa May announced a "new system of regulation for private investigators to protect the public
The large majority of Private Investigators who undertake complex investigations legally on a day to day basis and would never consider the need to hack a voicemail, obtain a bank statement or a persons' medical records to solve their case, but reading the Press over the last couple of years the public could be mistaken for thinking that this is all we do.
I have become an expert on identifying the tell-tale signs of cheating in relationships and I am here to offer some advice, based on my own personal experiences of the main signs to look out for when you suspect a partner of cheating.
A "cold and calculating" man who admitted trying to arrange to have his mother-in-law killed after his wife deserted him
Glenn Mulcaire, the private investigator at the centre of the phone-hacking scandal, today lost his appeal against orders