I only have to open Instagram to see endless images of the perfect body
People used to have to search for pro-ana to find the websites but now it's on the #recovery and #healthy hashtags on Instagram. It's scarily accessible. When pro-ana existed as full websites the owner of the site would've known exactly what they were doing.
The eating disorderanorexia nervosa is linked to one of the highest suicide and fatality rates, so news of a possible treatment
Blocking pro-ana will not make eating disorders go away. If only! Eating disorders are complex mental illnesses with a whole range of causes, and simply looking at some thinspo will not give you an eating disorder unless you're already susceptible.
It's time that we took a hard look at everything going on around us, with budgets being cut to services that support young people, PSHE in schools being delivered so variably nationwide and a very scattered approach to what should be a very important subject, things will only go downhill, as without this intervention, the problem will only continue to rise.
Alarming figures released on Thursday show hospital admissions for eating disorders rose by 16% from last year to 2,288. Perhaps
Umm, come on. This woman is a supermodel; do you really think she gives one hoot what some pro-ana blogger says about her? Let's get real. She's busy rolling in her SI cover girl gazillions and laughing all the way to the bank.