Just like with the NHS, our probation system should be in public hands where it can help create a safer society, not act as a cash cow for failing private companies.
Working Links, which manages the rehabilitation of thousands of offenders, announced the collapse on Friday.
Dozens of trials were adjourned after computer systems failed.
Crisis after crisis rocked the justice system this summer. Conservative Justice Secretary David Lidington had an opportunity to show that he was getting a grip during his keynote speech at Conservative Party conference. Sadly for the millions who depend on a properly functioning justice system, he fluffed his chance.
Justice secretary Chris Grayling has been accused of ignoring warnings that probation officers have been forced out of the
The man once dubbed the UK's "most violent gangster" has been arrested after a six-hour stint on top of Manchester's Big
The government is poised to embark on a sweeping set of reforms that will change the criminal justice landscape for the significant future..
A probation officer who revealed a victim’s new address to the alleged perpetrator has been fined just £150. Now serious
The government is currently embarking on one of the largest change programme of the criminal justice system in recent history...The impact assessment of the Bill reveals that around 13,000 offenders will be recalled or committed to custody as a result of the proposals, giving a prison places increase of around 600 additional places per year.
Labour has moved to force the government to pilot proposed changes to the probation service that are expected to see around