processed food

What do you think about this meal? Salads are pretty healthy, right? Greens are a source of iron, tomatoes have loads of lycopene (an antioxidant) and that stuff in the middle is tempeh, made from fermented soybeans and high in both protein AND fibre.
In fact, while good health is certainly a topic that should be taken seriously, I can't help but think all the scare mongering is having a negative impact on people's lives. We are all being set up to fail, and nothing makes people crave unhealthy food more than when they're feeling low.
Ahh the classic bacon sandwich - it's exceptionally great the morning after the night before so we're not surprised it's
Whether it's sweet biscuits washed down with liquid sugar (juice) for breakfast or shop bought leftovers for lunch and dinner, reframing the way you see your food goes a long way to achieving the slim body you desire.
In the 21st Century, convenience definitely seems to be king. But as the recent horse-gate scandal appears to show, the pressure on manufacturers to produce huge quantities of food at low cost means they sometimes cut corners.
After the initial shock value of eating a horse, we've gotten over it. Horsemeat isn't the issue. In fact, it's as normal as eating beef or chicken in many parts of the world. The real issue is this: if horsemeat can be slipped into our readymeals - what else could be in there?
If you’ve ever accidentally dropped a piece of food on the floor and swiftly retrieved it because you did it within ‘the
Listening to some foodie types, you would think that anything that has been remotely industrially processed was as deadly as nerve poison. Yet even food snobs eat plenty of processed food. It's just the right kind of processed food.
Find out which foodstuffs are high in salt and what you can eat as a substitute in our list of the top ten surprisingly salty