processed meat

It can sometimes feel like every week there is a new thing that’s said to cause cancer, from the obvious to the unexpected. The one element that most of these headline stirrers have in common is carcinogens. We take a look at the most commonly-faced factors in the International Agency For Research on Cancer’s list of cancer-causing carcinogenic substances and activities.
Eating plant-based isn't some sort of panacea that will solve all our ailments, but we need to make the most of our increasing understanding of the link between diet and disease
Nitrates in processed meats are believed to be responsible for bowel cancer.
Donkeys are indeed back – not as commodity carriers this time around, but commodities themselves.
Plus what being a carcinogen actually means.
8. When you realise you don’t need an excuse. You eat the damn sausage.  7. When you’re ill and just need something with
On Monday, (26th October) the UN's public health arm - World Health Organisation (WHO), classified processed meats, such
Good gourd. Fresh red meat probably causes cancer and processed meat definitely does according to a new report by the IARC
Diets laden with pies, sausages, and ready meals can lead to an early death, a major study has shown. Research involving