Male university students are allegedly offering their stressed female counterparts a "sex service" to help them with their
There's nothing more divisive that a definitive list of anything. Taste is as subjective as politics, only twice as infuriating. If some fool elevates a piece of tat over your own particular hero, they deserve flaming, scorn and possibly even burning at the stake.
From time to time teachers must get a little annoyed with continually marking incorrect answers, particularly when the student
There are many weird and wonderful societies in studentville but some are more bizarre than others. From the rock paper scissors
A Southampton student had a rather large surprise when he returned to university last week to find his room covered top to
However, it was brought to my attention early last year that I suffer from what I think is a common disease (excuse) amongst creatives: lazyitis. Do you wake every morning with a gut reaching feeling of anxiety (Usually because it's past 10am and I know I should have got up earlier and therein the guilt starts)?
Post-apocalyptic science fiction novels have one thing in common: the survivors are never seen sitting around a bleak, wasteland
Millions of workers switch off at 3.13pm on a Friday, at least two hours before the official end of working day, according