We all have those moments where we spend more time doing the things that we probably shouldn't be doing like catching up on social media, playing games, when really we could be doing something a little more productive.
I've learned a lot about who I am, especially in the last year or so and I wanted to just be upfront about certain situations and lessons life has taught me. I am my own worst enemy and although I'm pretty confident, I struggle with acceptance and shame (I hate feeling exposed). Hindsight is a wonderful thing and upon reflection over the last few months, here are my 10 Important Life Lessons.
I've got a confession to make... its taken me a few weeks to sit down and write this post, which is highly ironic as I'm going to be talking about procrastination. It's also ironic because I'm a life coach and we're supposed to be the epitome of productivity and positive go-getting - right?
I heard recently that it's believed that humans now have a shorter attention span than goldfish. Can you believe that? Well, actually I can. With social media, television and technology - distractions are all around us - so it's increasingly hard to keep your concentration.
Be warned, I am on one in this blog post. Reason being that it's my mission to get you everything you want in this wonderful life of yours, which sometimes means that I have to get a bit tough - in a metaphorical kick-up-the-bum kinda way. It's all done with kindness.
The creative director of a global agency recently told me that when she gets stuck for ideas, she stands on her desk. "It literally gives me a different perspective," she says. "A bit rebellious, maybe. But it works for me."
It's important to take frequent breaks during your revision session. The brain is a muscle (not factually correct) that gets tired like any other muscles (do hearts get tired?). In order for a break to be effective, you must fully remove yourself from your working mindset. Dig a hole in the garden or annoy your sister a bit. Just keep the line between work and play clearly defined.
Postponing (procrastinating, avoiding, or putting-off) is a major sign that the burnout process is in full swing. Postponing as a symptom happens fairly early on in the burnout spiral. However, once it gets hold it quickly begins to infiltrate all areas of your life.
My children have always called me "The Fixer" Give mummy a problem and, so they say, "she immediately wants to sort it out
The mind is a wonderful thing. It's also a complete liar, constantly convincing you not to take actions you know are good for you, and limiting many great experiences and changes in your lives.