Producer and recording artist Superstar Ace talks about his latest single, "Wassa Wassa", and how his music style is taking over the "turn up" scene.
all women everywhere In today's political climate we need, more than ever, to get our stories out there. We need a forum where we can normalize our lifestyle without fear of erasure or dilution, because if we don't exist on in visual media then how can we promote, propel and prioritise our very existence in real life?
One of the questions I get since we launched Hiive over and over again is, how do I get into TV? And sadly, there is no one
Eighteen months ago I was ready to give up. My newly formed production company had managed to outbid two major studios for the film rights to an international bestseller but it clearly wasn't enough.
What should have been a personal moment between two people, that could have been sorted out to the satisfaction of everyone concerned, in private, has been blown up to a story so huge that you could see it from the Space Station.
I met Phil in New York. My manager gave me this amazing opportunity to meet a living legend. Life was sending a gift to me.
There exists a place where sounds build to magical effect, forming imaginative landscapes of psychedelic pop. Orchestrating such a colourful convergence of sound is Boise, Idaho based Youth Lagoon (moniker of Trevor Powers) whose previous album The Year of Hibernation, impressed with minimalist charm.
Yesterday, I had tea with a very good but not yet famous comedy performer. He was, quite rightly, lamenting the homogenised