product design

Not unlike a unicorn, these New Creatives are a great way to see the future marriage of technology and creative industries. Too often funded differently, with separate conferences and separate trade-shows, New Creatives point to a more integrated education, workplace and future ideas. Catch em while you can!
At the heart of this vision is a very compelling proposition: if you want to drive systemic change, you have to identify and harness the most powerful resources within that system.
This is the Brick Lamp, it's a lamp that costs $220. Plenty of lamps cost $220 but very few of them are also bricks. This
Why are some products more successful and appealing than others? Which product features and design aspects influence the way we feel about products? And how can we leverage accumulating insights from behavioural science to improve product offerings?
A wildly impractical but totally beautiful 'two-dimensional' wine bottle has be launched for sale. The Klein bottle was first
Obviously the best work doesn't always co-depend on technology. A great tagline is still a very effective advertising technique. Having said that one can argue that it is in fact completely co-dependent as the alphabet is one of the best technology the human race has ever created.
James Dyson is set to announce a new technology on Wednesday, 14th of September. Could it be a sustainable cardboard vacuum