When was the last time you picked up a pot of moisturiser at Boots and read the packaging in full? It’s easy to dismiss the jumbled jargon decorating our products, but what they symbolise is an important tool in education and understanding what you’re using, how to use it, when it expires and how it can be recycled. HuffPost deciphers the symbols, ingredients list and claims on our beauty products to make digesting your product labels a whole lot easier.
Men are expressing themselves more freely and there is a whole host of positive messages as a consequence. However, with change, there are often repercussions - for good or bad. Unfortunately, as our country has shown over the last few weeks - we're not so good at handling it!
The fact that three quarters of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck is more a result of a generation of stagnating wages accompanied by rising costs of everything from education to healthcare to home ownership.
In our efforts to work efficiently, produce more for less, meet the ever increasing demands of our world, serve our clients and our colleagues well and just fit it all in (I am exhausted writing it!) we were in danger of forgetting some fundamentals.
There have been seven different types of fridge, four types of washing machine, seven types of hairdryer, 25 lighting products and 72 different chargers and adaptors - and these are just some of the 228 electrical products that have been recalled by manufacturers in the past four years, with faults that include a risk of fire or electric shock.
I am neither brave nor stupid enough to suggest that this replace the traditional and time tested marketing mix thinking, but the old framework doesn't embrace for digital as the fundamental and does not allow in its teaching digital first.
One of my fave new finds - a intensively moisturizing body wash literally packed with zingy essential oils of Lime and Mandarin - with invigorating coriander and cedarwood extracts, it leaves you feeling fresh and smelling divine.
One company that already does well to provide a strong example of atomisation is Spotify. The digital entertainment company has atomised its streaming music service into a variety of different shapes, such that it is now available via a number of digital platforms
What is it that breeds innovation and creativity on a small island in the middle of the North Atlantic? Well, something or
When you talk about your business and the products or services you are selling, how passionate are you? Does your face light up when talking about work? Are you smiling? Are you full of energy? Is your voice full of purpose?