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Professor Stephen Hawking has reportedly had to pull out of a scheduled appearance at Glastonbury. MORE GLASTONBURY: 21 People
Professor Stephen Hawking is to appear with David Walliams in a special sketch for Red Nose Day. SEE MORE: Stephen Hawking
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Eddie Redmayne fans, Felicity Jones's admirers and followers of Professor Stephen Hawking's extraordinary life story are
Professor Stephen Hawking, a man who once held the position of Lucasian professor for mathematics, has turned his considerable
Professor Stephen Hawking said last night at the premiere of the documentary charting his life that, "The convention of an
From one sunglasses-wearing singer to another now and Silvio Berlusconi has, after years of antics shadier than a coconut tree, finally got conked on the head. He's been sentenced to jail for sex with a minor, although in a particularly grimy irony, he's unlikely to serve any actual prison time because of his advanced age.
Communication is what makes us human, and without the ability to communicate effectively, many people are not seen as being capable, and do not reach their potential. Thousands of people in the UK are denied the opportunity because there is NO statutory funding for communication aids; they live without his ability to express their thoughts.
The London 2012 Paralympic Games opened in a dramatic and moving ceremony that had starring roles for the Queen and Professor
Stephen Hawking recently gave a party - for time travellers. But while he told plenty of people about the date, sent out