"Ontlametse will be remembered for her sharp intellect, warm personality, brilliant ideas and her determination to use her condition to motivate others."
Phalatse was the only black teen in the world to be diagnosed with progeria.
Hayley with her dad before her school prom Tributes also flooded in on Twitter for Hayley, as supporters called her determined
She’s Britain’s oldest teenager – but today "100-year-old" Hayley Okines was awarded six GCSE exams. Hayley, who is one of
Of course I'm not claiming animals never suffer in labs - that's why such research is licensed. My point is merely that it's likely that most people have a worse perception about what goes on than is the case in reality.
Sam Berns was a 17-year-old student from Massachusetts who dreamt of playing in his high school's marching band. But, unlike
Hayley Okines, a teenager suffering from a rare condition that makes her age rapidly, has defied all odds by reaching her