project morpheus

VR's future lies not in the home, but in the workplace. Architecture, engineering and construction firms have all been jumping on the virtual reality bandwagon. Why? Because it improves how we build and make things.
When Sony unveiled Project Morpheus last year the responses were cautiously optimistic. Oculus Rift had placed virtual reality
This is Sony's White PS4 unveiled at E3 2014 and it looks absolutely stunning. Unveiled as part of a White PS4 Destiny bundle
Doom is back, and we'll be honest it looks really scary. Showing off an unholy blend of demonic flesh with what looks like
If you can actually make it through to the end of this trailer without wincing then we're impressed. Mortal Kombat X is the
The problem with virtual reality headsets is that describing what they're actually like to use is really, really tricky. You
Sony has unveiled 'Project Morpheus', its new virtual reality headset. The device is designed to take gamers directly into
So this happened... This, ladies and gents, is Nasa's rather nifty Project Morpheus - a prototype planetary lander capable