While we pray the Brexit negotiations won't uproot the current mix of players that give such orchestras their character and depth, as I write, David Davis' team is yet to secure their position. We may still find our orchestras pillaged of their vital DNA.
The BBC Proms are the annual summer long series of orchestral concerts centred at The Royal Albert Hall. If you are a fan of orchestral music, of classical music, the Proms represent what fans of these type of musics wait all year for - BUT it's not just aimed at fans of orchestral and classical music by any means!
Prom is a big deal in America. A really Big Deal. So much so that asking your prom date out has become a whole event in itself
A US school has made its students sign a contract promising they will not twerk, grind, or dance sexually at their prom - and
The BBC is to cut comments made by violinist Nigel Kennedy about "apartheid" in Israel when it broadcasts his Proms performance
So here we are, August 2013, slap bang in the middle of BBC Proms territory. Whilst the Royal Albert Hall in West London plays host to the biggest names in classical music, the British Film Institute in South London shows the screening of series 2, show 1 of Top Boy- Channel 4's gritty drama about inner city street life.
Unlike Rheingold, Die Walküre is an Opera less focused on narrative, and much more concerned with tumultuous and emotionally charged relationships. This makes it a more complex, occasionally structureless but ultimately rewarding affair.
It felt like quite an epic day - London awoke to thundering clouds and went to bed as the child destined to be the 43rd monarch since William the Conqueror was born. Appropriately it also saw the opening of one of the greatest musical epics getting its first full play at the Proms.
Bristol Proms, the brain child of Artistic Director Tom Morris, is an opportunity to bring classical music back and to overcome some of the obstacles people think of when they imagine what a classical music concert is like.
The last night of sport at the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games coincided with the BBC's Last Night of the Proms on 8th September and it was a night full of Olympic tributes.